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Today on my facebook status I posted the quote;  “None of us come to earth to gain our worth; we brought it with us.” ~Sheri Dew.   Immediately I started getting “likes” and comments and several reposts.  I thought  “Wow, this really resonates with a lot of people.  hmmm….why?”

The world tends to make us think we have to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, act a certain way or have a certain title to “gain our worth.”  The simple thought that “we brought it (our worth) with us” is powerful.  We don’t have to “gain” it, it is already within us.  Embrace it! We are a gift from God….literally created by a Heavenly Father and Mother. That means you and I are of Royal heritage!  We ARE Great, Grand and Wonderful, destined to be a King or Queen!  You may believe something totally different and that’s okay, because your beliefs mold who you are and I love that about YOU.

I came across this short video clip that fits what I am trying to say…..

Our True Identity

Know your Worth, Embrace who you are….You are an unrepeatable miracle…born with Greatness!    We brought it with us:)


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