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The Power of One

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Yesterday someone asked me to tell them the story behind my daughter Shandi shaving her head. It brought back the memories of the love the community had for the Thompson family, which quickly spread to the world when Sharon Osbourne aired the story on her show.  Shandi, touched the hearts of many, as she spear headed a fundraiser for the Thompson family to help pay for cancer treatment for their two young daughters fighting Cancer.


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  1. Thanks Becky. I don’t think I had seen that before. Shandi is so great. The Thompsons have certainly put up a courageous fight. It’s amazing to see how their family has stood up to the overwhelming challenges they have and are continuing to face. It is inspiring to me.

  2. Shantel McBride

    “WOW” SO POWERFUL!! You should warn people they will need tissue. I was talking today about how “One moment can change a day, one day can change a lif, one life can change the world.” The POWER of one is HUGE. Thanks for sharing this INSPIRING story. What a contribution and example to that whole school~ WAY TO ROCK!!


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