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LifeVision Changing Lives in India…..

It seems like a month ago, yet it has been less than a week since the Global LifeVision team entered the Rai Foundation school eager to empower 600 plus young women with confidence to fulfill their DrEAmS.  The experience was amazing. The girls were lovely, gracious and eager to learn with open hearts and minds.  Everything is “yes ma’am” with a bobble-head like nod.  Students do not enter the classroom without permission and they stand to ask a question. They sit with laser focused eyes, with real intent, striving to cypher our English in a hot and humid room with very poor lighting.  Their excitement to learn does not fade as the clock ticks away the 90 minute class.

Laurie Olson and I team taught the Spiritual/My Purpose and the Relationships sections of LifeVision.  My favorite part of the lesson is the “I Am” statements.  We start them with five: I AM Worthy, I AM Deserving, I AM Capable, I Trust myself and I Forgive myself, then they fill up the white board with their own “I AM” affirmations…..I AM Beautiful, I AM Honest, I AM Kind, I AM Precious, I AM Bold, I AM Giving, I AM a  Hard Worker, I AM Compassionate, I AM Smart, I CAN do anything! …the list goes on and on.  

Many Nationalities and Religions are represented.  I expressed to the class that ALL religions are good….anything that inspires you to be a better person and to serve others is good and should be sought after.  We encouraged them to grow stronger in their faith, to pray often to God, “listen” for inspiration and guidance …..and to love and serve each other.

These girls are bright and their English skills allowed most to quickly grasp what we were teaching.  Many wrote and shared their beautiful Life Vision with us.  Agnes from Uganda is a born leader and caught right away the vision of LifeVision….she wants to become a certified LifeVision Coach to make a difference in her home town in Uganda. 

Drishti shared openly shares her testimony of  how LifeVision taught her to believe in herself.  Close friendships were made.  Tears and tight hugs were common place as we said good-bye with promises to return.  I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for this priceless opportunity to BE taught by these beautiful young women.  The students shared their burning desire to get an education to brake the chain of poverty ….to better the circumstance of their families and make a difference in their county.    To the girls of the Rai Foundation ……”You Go Girls! You Rock!”


Things I’ve Never seen before….

I’ve struggled getting internet and or battled total exhaustion at night, so I haven’t had a chance to blog. So much to Share! What an experience!!  Life lessons learned!

Things I have NEVER seen before: An entire family on a motorcycle: Father, child, mother sitting side saddle holding a baby weaving in and out of traffic. No traffic rules of any kind….anything goes, Monkeys everywhere, Elephants and Camels walking down the side of the road, cows walking in the middle of town, cows laying in the middle of the street, cows pooping next to food stands and no one cares, men peeing wherever they want, blinkers are obsolete…honk to signal you are passing, its okay to drive through incoming traffic the wrong way, No road rage, No overweight people, No public display of affection (no holding hands unless you are both male, no hugging and no kissing in public), Only seen three smokers, no immodest clothing….not even on teenagers and its a million degrees outside….two million degrees inside:) garbage is beautiful…must be it is everywhere.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my experience thus far. People have very little or nothing, and are the Happiest people alive. I am learning things that will change my life forever.

I’m out of time. I will blog later about our teaching experience at the Rai Foundation College for Young Women. FABulous!


I leave for India in the morning.  Woot! Woot!  So many emotions, but fear is not one of them.  A prayer of Gratitude fills my soul for the gift of being a part of this adventure.  To Teach, Learn, Love and Serve.   I invite you to follow my journey here, or on our Global LifeVision Blog at

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