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Living The Dream….

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For as long as I can remember I dreamt of marrying the man of my dreams and raising a large family.  I was the youngest of five children and I always felt I got ripped off because I didn’t have younger siblings, therefore I grew up with the desire to have TEN kids so the “me” in the family would have older AND younger siblings.  When I gave birth to child number 7, I told my husband it felt like TEN so I was counting it!  That was kind of tongue-n-cheek, but seriously, my family felt complete when Skye, was born.  My husband said it best “Skye’s the limit.”  Yep, I was living the dream….great husband, a stay-at-home-mom raising a large family.

My dream of raising “perfect” children was also a dream come true!….my children are perfectly normal, perfectly challenged, perfectly unique, perfectly independent, perfectly stubborn and perfectly mine AND I love them more than life itself.  They are the reason I color my hair, fight winkles, don’t get enough sleep……and “most” days I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.  Hit me up on a “mom you don’t understand, I hate you” teenage-rage-kind-of-day and I’ll negotiate a child or two with you.

hmmm…my daughter just called ….flat tire….gotta go rescue her!  Of course these things only happen when my husband is out-of-town, but it’s one of those DOable challenges.

I love my family that has grown to four in-laws and one grandson. I am thankful for the many challenges and trials that keep us on our toes….we are a better family because of the bumps in the road.  God seems to know just what we need to get us out of our comfort zone and to learn what WE didn’t think we needed to learn.  I take a deep breath because I know just-around-the-corner is another challenge to strengthen our ability to understand, forgive, show compassion, empathy and patience.

The lesson at the end of the day is always the same….LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.   That part is a piece of cake…..Easy. Done.


What the Heck is LifeVision?

LifeVision  is a minutely detailed declaration of intent/personal mission statement that includes the 5 key areas of your life: your relationships (family and social), your spirituality, your physical fitness, your financial/professional life, and your emotional/personal development.   So what the heck does that mean?  Let me explain in another way, by telling MY story….

I had never heard of LifeVision until August of 2010.  I had recently reconnected with a long-lost friend of over 20 years, Laurie Olson on Facebook.  What a glorious find that was!  Laurie and I were neighbors back when we first got married….I was pregnant with my first child, and Laurie had two darling little girls who signed up for a tumbling class that I taught in my basement.  And Laurie, a cosmetologist, became my hairdresser.  Five children later, we moved….Laurie moved, and we simple lost touch…..UNTIL facebook.  FABulous! More LifeVision story……

In August of last year….I noticed on facebook that Laurie had clicked “attending” on an upcoming networking event orchestrated by Ann Webb and Tiffany Peterson.  I checked my calendar…..I was available….so I also clicked “attending.”   I don’t remember if Laurie messaged me or if I messaged her to carpool together, but whichever it was, we carpooled.   That was the beginning of a phenomenal set of events to transpire over the next 14 months.  There were eleven of us at that first networking meeting….that was the beginning of attending many events with Laurie and the first time meeting Ann and Tiffany.  Tiffany and Ann light up a room….they are simply awe-inspiring.  Tiffany taught the “Wheel of Life” and the Lighthouse Principles. She was so poised and articulate and passionate about what she was teaching and I knew this was someone I wanted to get to know.  Ann Webb talked about creating your “ideal life” by not only writing your goals, but by becoming minutely crystal clear on what you wanted to achieve and desire in detail in all areas of your life.  This intrigued me…..but it was what she described next that really fascinated me. She explained while there is power in writing and power in the words you use, there is great power in recording your life vision with your OWN voice, and even greater power in recording it with music in the background.  Not just any old music…..Accelerated Learning Music!    She went on to tell a little bit of her success story of writing, recording and LIVING  her Ideal Life.  This stirred something inside of me….I wanted to know more.

As Laurie and I drove home we expressed that in the last couple of months we had both felt something inside of us pulling us to network, to serve, and to do something that really made a difference.  We both felt something great and grand was around the corner…..and we wanted to be a part of it

I came home from that event and researched more about Ann’s Ideal LifeVision program. I had many HoPeS and DrEaMs inside of me that I wanted to come to life and I wanted to know HOW to make this happen.  I wrote  “attend an Ann Webb LifeVision Workshop” on my list of things I desired to do….I just needed to make some moolah first.

Over the next several months I met other fabulously wonderful people and attended some really great events…..thats another Blog for another Day!  I’m trying to stick to my topic of this blog post……“What the Heck is LifeVision?”

In January 2011, Laurie called and excitedly told me she was going through Ann Webb’s LifeVision certification course, to become a certified LifeVision Coach AND she needed a first time client to practice on for FREE….she asked if I would be her first client?  Y E S ! ! !  I was so excited.  This was usually a six week process, but I was so excited about writing my LifeVision that I read the entire manual in a couple of days and wrote my entire Life Vision in less than a week.  Just writing it was transformational for me.  I shed some tears.  WHY?  Well, I’m kind of an emotional girl…NOT!  I really dug deep as I focused on each section; Spiritual, Relationships, Health and Physical, Professional/Financial and Personal Development.  I really wanted to live my “IDEAL LIFE”, the one I never thought was really possible, that one I thought I really didn’t deserve….yep THAT ONE!  As I would write, I would know I was on track if it made me teary.  I didn’t hold back….I wrote and I wrote and I wrote….then RECORDED it to Baroque music and I listened to it everyday.  The CrAzY thing is that most of what I wrote HAS come to pass….I am now re-writing cause I want more FABulous things to transpire.  AND guess what?  I am currently going through Ann’s Ideal LifeVision certification so I can be a LifeVision Coach.  Yep!…..and as we speak, I am practicing on my first client.

Why do I want to coach? I want to share this tool with others who desire to live their ideal life with purpose and passion!  I want to help others get crystal clear on their GoAls, HoPeS and DrEaMs to create RESULTS!!!!!!  To Aspire DrEaMs Within.  I want to make people teary. lol:)  If you think you are ready to break out of the box, push forward through set backs and to LIVE the LIFE YOU DESIRE……I’d love to be your Coach!  YOU DESERVE IT!!!!   Writing my own LifeVision has been instrumental in creating a positive mindset and has empowered me with confidence to dream big and to go “Ollin”.  I have found LifeVision to be the missing tool to go from Goal SETTING to Goal ACHIEVING!   Hope I have answered what the heck a LifeVision is!

P.S.  I am now a Certified LifeVision Coach.  I have partnered with Laurie Olson, and one of our many goals is to travel the nation doing Aspire Life Mastery Academy workshops.  Find out how you can host an A.L.M.A LifeVision workshop in your area.  Aspire Life Mastery Academy

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